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About Me


I'm traveling in Israel since I was 4 years old, joining my brothers trips to the fields and hills of the Sharon and the Samaritan mountains. When I was 14, I began to travel on my own, hitch hiking around the country and hiking with friends in Israel, Jordan and Egypt.                 I was 24 when I started to explore the world, traveling to Asia, Africa, America and Europe, and I'm still keep on moving...                   Traveling is the best way to experience and learn about this world, the nature, the people, and of course, meet other people and know ourselves.  

In the recent years I am guiding trips to China, Cambodia and Vietnam, and in my homeland, Israel. I'm a licensed tour guide since 2007, guiding in English and Chinese. 

I invite you to travel with me in Israel, I can make all the arrangements for your trip or advice and recommend you where and when to go. 

In my website you can enjoy some photos I took around the world, and even add your gallery by sending me your photos by google drive. Have fun, and  Keep on moving…

Yours, David Afik.
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